Walks and excursions

From the farm La Fiorita we organize excursions and hikes with graded levels of difficulty and based on various topics.

Walks and short hikes

The Marroni Spring

is of historical importance featuring slabs which collect water, beneath the shade of a century-old wild pear tree which dominates the landscape. The spring can be reached by following a number of different pathways, each one bringing you into contact with the local wildlife and natural vegetation.

Herbs trail

You can learn about the different varieties of herbs that are encountered along the way, collect and classify them to take home scents and natural flavors


Our strategic location between Apulia and Lucania, moreover, boasts numerous nearby attractions:

  • The Picciano Sanctuary, historical place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages (XIII century).
  • Matera, city of the famous Sassi, a UNESCO world heritage site, as well as its cathedral, museums, the house of Ortega, cave churches and lots more
  • Gravina with its underground passageways, its cathedral and Botromagno excavations
  • Altamura, the Frederician city, with its cathedral, the “Pulo”, a natural crater and the Valley of Dinosaurs, the Man of Altamura a discovery of one of the oldest inhabitants of the area dates back to over 150,000 years ago
  • Metaponto and its archaeological excavations and rich coastline
  • Timmari and its Neolithic village
  • The ravine of Laterza, beautiful karst scenery with breathtaking natural views
  • The Gallipoli Cognato park, nature at its best;
  • Brindisi Mountain and Grancia Park
  • Montescaglioso and the Abbey of Michael the Archangel
  • Miglionico with its Castle of Malconsiglio
  • Pietrapertosa and the Lucania Dolomites where you can experience the thrill of flying like angels;
  • Craco the ghost town
  • The Park of Alta Murgia, the first rural park in Italy
  • Andria and the famous Castel del Monte

Our land is ready to welcome all lovers of history and nature!