Our sustainability

We are among the candidate companies among the most sustainable in Italy!

ISTAT on the occasion of the 7th General Census of Agriculture has launched a contest that tells stories and projects dedicated to the green.

On 13/10/2021 there will be the award ceremony and let's keep our fingers crossed!

For us, sustainability is the basis of every choice, for real.

Walking through the Masseria and hearing about our way of running the company, you too will discover how it is really possible to reduce the impact of our life habits by enhancing the beauty that nature offers us.

We leave you the direct link to the video where you can see and hear directly from Marialaura's voice what we do and how.


Appointment on October 13th!



We are very proud to have received the 4th special mention of the contest organized by ISTAT 'Women and Sustainability'!

We find it hard to believe, or rather we have always been convinced of it but this recognition gives us the strength to continue to follow our ideals and principles.

We have a big green heart that keeps beating fast!

Good nature everyone!