Fiorita riFiorita

About a year ago, a project, Reforest Matera's Land, was born in the 'green' minds of the Rocciaviva Association, which saw us pleasantly involved: reforest a hill of about 5 hours eroded by time and no longer injured.

In fact, deforestation and agricultural exploitation have led, over time and throughout the local territory, to an impoverishment of the soil, creating serious damage also for wildlife.

Hot topics today, topics of absolute importance.

The goal was therefore to create a 'food forest' capable of restoring biodiversity and restoring the water balance of the land: 'a forest-garden of edible and medicinal plants endemic to the territory'.

An ambitious project don't you think?

This is what we also thought when the collaboration was proposed to us, not without skepticism. It would have been really nice to achieve these goals but the work and the necessary economic and physical resources would have been really important.

Yet we have been involved by the enthusiasm of surprising young people, full of positive energy and know-how resulting from years of study ... and with a lot of love for their land!

So the works began slowly.

The crowfunding campaign, still in progress, has made it possible to meet many of the expenses and the participation of the entire community, local and non-local, has given rise to an extraordinary environmental and collective regeneration.

And so all the participants / volunteers in large groups and on scheduled days began to 'prepare the ground' ... in every sense.

The first part of the project saw 2019 as a time horizon with the planting of about 2000 trees and a 17-day permaculture course / event during which all participants were able to combine theory and practice and "cultivate environmental and social well-being. ".

2020 will instead see the second part of the project, with the planting of the remaining 2000 trees and ... you will find out the rest soon!

So almost at the end of this year we want to thank all the kids and volunteers who believed and still believe today that 'a tree can save the world' ... because it really is!

See you next year.