Scout Camps

Our farm has been home to scout camps for years. We have large green areas equipped and shaded for tents of all sizes, shelter area for cats and ladybugs up to a maximum of 50 seats inside, covered and uncovered areas for activities, indoor activities hall, kitchen equipped with galley, outside washrooms and outdoor showers, water, fire and current points.

All rooms are equipped with bathrooms with hot and cold water, disabled facilities and showers.

There are hiking trails within our grounds for the little ones and more complex paths for the older ones.

Possibility of working with young people in practical laboratory activities related to the field.



Sistemazione in tenda 6.00€/per person

It includes: water point, fire point, wood, current point, services, utilities, use of outdoor showers, hikes, bathrooms

Bunk beds 10.00€/per person

Includes: overnight stay, utilities, services and use of the kitchen equipped with galley, exclusive use of the structure, use of bathrooms, excursion, fire and electricity points, wood.

Rental of stakes Flat rate

Stakes of different lengths


It is possible to procure organic seasonal products at conventional costs: tomatoes and purée, vegetables, fruit and juice, dairy products, milk for breakfast, flours and baked goods, legumes, preserves, medicinal herbs, absolute freshness and flavors for free .