Milk Based

Certified organic production and, more importantly, our passion, give all our products that unique taste and guaranteed wholesomeness. Zero chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.


Freshness and taste are of utmost importance during all phases of production; each product is cultivated and prepared bearing in mind its natural characteristics, nutritional qualities and in harmony with the season.


From the producer to the consumer – a slogan we take to heart!



Milk Based

In our dairy, we work with milk produced from our “Brune Apine” cows raised on free range grazing and our own cereals

All our dairy products are produced without added ferments and have a naturally regulated acidity which guarantees complete respect for the natural properties of each product.

“Solo Latte” Products:

  • Mozzarellas
  • Fresh Scamorza
  • Matured Scamorza
  • Primosale
  • Sfoglia
  • Yoghurt
  • Butter


"How come your cheeses are so yellow?" is the question that is regularly asked by consumers who are approaching our cheeses for the first time ... and we are sure that it was also your question looking at the pictures in our gallery.

The answer is very simple: it depends on the milk and therefore on the feeding of the animals (especially the cows). The more 'green' there is in animal nutrition, the more 'yellow' the color of milk and cheese will be.

This is because, unlike dry foods, hay and pasture contain a lot of beta carotene which gives the products the characteristic 'yellow' color.

It can therefore be said that color is a sign of milk quality.

Depending on the seasons and therefore the amount of pasture that becomes part of the diet of our animals, our cheeses will have different gradations of 'yellow'.

We have never yielded to compromises of 'saleability' of the product even when the color was not pleasing to consumers: if you had not read this article, would you have never bought a cheese of this color?

By tasting our cheeses you will smell of wild herbs from the hills and the color will be an absolute guarantee of genuineness.

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