Earth Based

Certified organic production and, more importantly, our passion, give all our products that unique taste and guaranteed wholesomeness. Zero chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.


Freshness and taste are of utmost importance during all phases of production; each product is cultivated and prepared bearing in mind its natural characteristics, nutritional qualities and in harmony with the season.


From the producer to the consumer – a slogan we take to heart!


Earth Based:

Our “Solo Terra” range includes

  • Vegetables; in one and a half hectares of land we cultivate summer and winter vegetables paying close attention to our land’s resources and the seasonal cycle
  • Fruit; the protagonist in our fields is the pomegranate – autochthonous variety – non genetically modified. Juicy and with a fine skin they make fantastic juice. Luxuriant pampered plants offer the finest quality sweet fruits – we suggest enjoying a glass of juice under the shade of one of these trees!
  • Juices; from the naturally pressed juice of our pomegranates to various kinds of farm produced juices, no sugar added – just fruit and nothing else!
  • Jams; for breakfasts, desserts and cheese tastings – rediscover those tastes lost in supermarket shelves
  • Conserves; sieved tomatoes and oil preserves give you the chance to continue enjoying the taste of the vegetable garden even after nature has gone to sleep. All of our conserves are made with our own organic olive oil.


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